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The Wires Zone AI-26 Universal Amplified AM/FM Window Glass Antenna

Low stock
Deluxe universal high performance windshield/glass mount amplified antenna separate ground wire for noise canceling and red LED
Can mount on windshield behind mirror/fixed side/back window and has a 78" cable
Designed to mount on the inside of the window or any non-metallic surface
Eliminated the need to drill any holes and makes the antenna safe from car wash damage, vandalism or theft
Can be installed on virtually any RV, boat, car, truck or specialty vehicle
Can be mounted high on the vehicle or boat directly on the inside of a fiberglass panel providing good performance without the antenna being seen or susceptible to adverse climate and salt conditions
AM/FM performance is close to a conventional 31" external antenna (depending on location of antennas)
Ideal for a quick low cost replacement for non-functioning or broken power antennas
The original antenna can be left in place with the AI-26 easily mounted in the car to replace broken antenna

Overall Antenna Length: 11"
Cable Length: 78"

Cleaning Packet