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T-Spec V16RCA-Y1 V16 Series RCA Audio Cables 26AWG Gold-plated Copper 1 Female 2 Males

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T-Spec V16RCA-Y1 V16 Series RCA Audio Cables 1 Female 2 Males

This T-Spec RCA Y-cable adapter comes in handy when you need to supply two amplifier channel inputs with the signal from one cable. If your car stereo only has one set of RCA outputs, for example, you'd use two of these adapters at the amps to split the stereo patch cable into four signals to feed your front and rear channels.


  • Gold-plated copper RCA tips with continuous locking barrel
  • Enamel painted color bands for durable identification
  • 26AWG oxygen-free copper core for maximum bass
  • Silver plating for true midrange and high-frequency fidelity
  • M-jacket insulates each channel separately
  • Non-conductive cotton filler
  • Polyethylene foam insulated jacket
  • Aluminum-faced mylar foil for EMI rejection
  • 85 percent coverage braided tinned copper for emitted noise rejection
  • PVC outer jacket for strength and flexibility
  • Woven cotton cable shield
  • 1 Female 2 Males