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T-Spec V10-2041 20ft 4-Gauge 1000 Watts Power Sports Marine Grade Amplifier Kit

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SKU TSE-V10-2041

T-Spec V10-2041 20ft 4-Gauge 1000 Watts Power Sports Marine Grade Amplifier Kit

An amp kit that's made for marine use
A marine amplifier has to stand up to the rigors of life on the water, and so does the wiring kit you use with it. This marine-rated V10-2041 amplifier wiring kit from T-Spec will give you reliable power for seasons to come. It's ideal for most single marine amps with a power rating of up to 1000 watts.

100-amp circuit breaker
This rugged, water-resistant kit includes everything you need to send power to your marine amplifier. The 4-gauge BC-5W2 wire ensures maximum power transfer, and the 100-amp circuit breaker is ignition-protected for safety and reliability. There's even an easy-to-use reset switch.

Hardware included
This kit includes the circuit breaker, 20-foot power and ground wires, a 20-foot remote turn-on wire, installation hardware and wire ties to help ensure a neat installation. This kit does not include patch cables or speaker wire, so you'll need to purchase those separately.


  • 4 AWG pearl white OFC copper wire
  • 4 AWG matte grey OFC copper wire
  • 20 18 AWG blue wire
  • (1) 100 amp circuit breaker
  • (1) 1/0 AWG ring terminal with white boot
  • (1) 1/0 AWG ring terminal with silver boot
  • (10) 6 Wire ties
  • Assorted accessories
  • Designed specifically for amplifier installation in boats and power sports vehicles
  • Each kit provides full CEA spec BC-5W2 Marine compliant cable
  • Each kit provides circuit breaker protection to eliminate short circuits
  • Offers easy re-set to get going again
  • No need to carry miscellaneous fuses in case of a problem

  • 20' 4 ga. OFC power wire (white) 
  • 20' 4 ga. OFC ground wire (grey) 
  • 20' 18 ga. OFC remote turn-on wire 
  • 100 Amp circuit breaker (w/3 mm hex-head set-screws) 
  • Two 4 ga. crimp-on spade terminals (non-insulated) 
  • Two 4 ga. insulating boots for spade terminals 
  • Two 16 mm Phillips-head screws 
  • One 18 ga. crimp-on spade terminal (insulated) 
  • One 18 ga. crimp-connector 
  • Ten 6" wire-ties