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Pioneer TS-A1370F 5-1/4" 300 Watts 3-Way Coaxial Car Speakers (pair)


Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

Pioneer TS-A1370F 5-1/4" - 3-way, 300 W Max Power, Carbon/Mica-reinforced IMPP™ cone, 11mm Tweeter and 1-5/8" Cone Midrange - Coaxial Speakers (pair)

The Pioneer A-Series TS-A1370F 3 way, 5-1/4 in. Speaker System is an excellent choice to greatly improve sound quality and the audio experience for 5-1/4 in. factory speaker locations in your vehicle. These car speakers also feature Pioneer's OPEN & SMOOTH sound concept which provides a seamless and smooth transition between the woofer and mid-range tweeter drivers to deliver uniform, off-axis frequency response that is optimized for automotive applications where one or more speakers are often aimed away from the listeners' ears. Pioneer’s A-series sound design purposely matches the subwoofer and full-range loudspeakers to provide seamless and smooth sound characteristics with dynamic, high-impact bass that lets you hear and feel the music.

  • Size and Configuration: The speakers are 5.25 inches in diameter, which is a common size for car audio installations. Being 3-way coaxial speakers means that they consist of three speaker components: a woofer, a midrange driver, and a tweeter, all integrated into a single speaker unit.
  • Power Handling: These speakers have a power handling capability of up to 300 watts, which means they can handle relatively high power inputs. This can result in clearer sound and better performance at higher volumes without distortion.
  • Frequency Response: The frequency response range indicates the range of frequencies the speakers can reproduce. The Pioneer TS-A1370F likely has a frequency response that covers a broad range, allowing it to reproduce both low and high frequencies effectively.
  • Woofer: The woofer is responsible for handling low-frequency sounds, such as bass and lower midrange frequencies. A good quality woofer can produce deep and punchy bass.
  • Midrange Driver: The midrange driver is responsible for handling the middle frequencies, contributing to the clarity and fullness of vocals and instruments.
  • Tweeter: The tweeter handles high-frequency sounds, including vocals, cymbals, and other high-pitched elements. A quality tweeter can provide crisp and detailed high-frequency reproduction.
  • Crossover Network: The 3-way design incorporates a crossover network that directs the appropriate frequencies to each speaker component. This helps to ensure that each component plays the frequencies it's best suited for, resulting in a balanced and accurate sound.
  • Design and Materials: Pioneer likely uses quality materials for these speakers to improve their overall performance and durability. This might include features like lightweight yet rigid materials for the cone, optimized magnet structures, and heat-resistant voice coils.
  • Installation Flexibility: The coaxial design makes installation easier, as all three speaker components are housed in one unit. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who want to upgrade their car audio system without extensive modifications.
  • Improved Sound Quality: Overall, the combination of a 3-way design, quality materials, and a high power handling capacity can lead to improved sound quality, better clarity, and more defined bass response compared to lower-tier speaker options.