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Panamax M5300-PM Home Theater Clean Power Management Surge Protector


Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

Panamax M5300-PM Home Theatre Clean Power Management Surge Protector

Brand: Panamax
MPN: M5300-PM
Condition: New

Clean Power Level 4: Improves picture and sound quality
AVM (Automatic Voltage Monitoring); monitors incoming level in digital voltmeter
Reduces cross-contamination between components
Provides noise isolation between 5 isolated outlet banks
11 Outlets: 5 always on, 4 switched, 2 switched high current
2 outlets for equipment with high power demands (Amps/Subwoofers)
USB Charger Input
Gaming LAN Port
5 Isolated outlet banks
12 Volt Trigger; Guards against blown fuses by automatically powering outlets on/off in sequence

Caution: Do not install this device if there is not at least 10 meters (30 feet) or more of wire between the electrical outlet and electrical service panel.

Line Voltage: 120 (Volts)
Number of Outlets: 11
Number of Isolated Banks: 5
Outlet Descriptions:
1 (always on, linearly filtered outlet, front panel)
4 (always on, linearly filtered outlets, rear panel)
4 (switchable, linearly filtered outlets, rear panel)
2 (switchable high current outlets, rear panel)
Rack Mountable: Yes
Rack Ears Included: Yes
Front Panel Meter(s): 1 voltmeter, 1 Ammeter
Front Media Light(s): No
Control: On/Off control of switched outlets through front panel power button or rear panel DC trigger.
Voltage Regulation: No
Compliance: cCSAus
USB Charging: 1 front panel USB charger
Low Voltage Trigger: 12 V, In/Out
AC Power Cord: 10 ft. detachable
AC Protection Technology:
Protect or Disconnect
Automatic Voltage Monitoring
L-N, L-G, N-G Protection Modes
Thermal Fusing
Automatic Voltage Shutoff: Yes
Under-Voltage Shutoff: 90 VAC ± 2 VAC
Over-Voltage Shutoff: 142 VAC ± 8 VAC
Maximum Current Rating: 15 (Amps)
Initial Clamping Level: 200V Peak
Filtration Technology:LiFT
Filtration Rating:
Bank 1: Up to -86 db (100 KHz _ 2 MHz)
Bank 2: Up to -91 db (100 KHz _ 2 MHz)
Bank 3: Up to -81 db (100 KHz _ 2 MHz)
Bank 4: Up to -100 db (100 KHz _ 2 MHz)
Bank 5, High Current Outlets: Up to -81 db (100 KHz _ 2 MHz)
Signal Line Protection: 2 LAN, 1 Tel, 3 Cable/Satellite
Voltage Protection Rating: (UL 1449 3rd Edition, 3,000A) 500V
Single Pulse Energy Dissipation: 2125 Joules
Peak Impulse Current: 72,000 Amps
LAN - Wires Protected: 8-Wires
LAN - Compatibility: 10/100bT
LAN - Clamping Level: 60V ± 5V
Coax - Shielded: Yes
Coax - Insertion Loss: < 0.5 dB
Coax - HD 1080 i/p Ready: Yes
Coax - Frequency Range: 0 MHz - 2.2 GHz
Coax - Connections: Female ñFî, Gold Plated
Coax - Clamping Level: 75V
Coax - Bidirectional: Yes

Panamax M5300 Power Management Unit
Rack Mount Kit