Niles RS8Si Pro 8" Two-way Dual Tweeter Stereo Input Weatherproof Rock Loudspeaker

by Niles
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Niles RS8Si Pro 8" Two-way Dual Tweeter Stereo Input Weatherproof Rock Loudspeaker

Brand: Niles
MPN: RS8Si Pro
Condition: New

Weatherproof Rock Loudspeaker
Two-way stereo input loudspeaker in an acoustic suspension enclosure
Can be wired to act as wide dispersion, single channel loudspeakers
Can optionally be wired to play stereo sound from a single loudspeaker
Two-Speaker Stereo Mode Coverage with 4 speakers
Single Speaker Stereo Mode gives you the benefit of covering a larger area than the traditional two-speaker stereo mode
Look like a natural rock surface
4 ohms Impedance in one-speaker stereo mode
8 ohms Impedance in two-speaker stereo mode
Has unique textures and colors that are fashioned after natural rocks
Shaped grilles match the features on the front of the rock, making them blend into the cabinet
Made from multi-layer fiberglass, it utilizes double seals on the tweeter, woofer and enclosure cover, and is designed so that the woofer drains water away from it
NoFade Protective Paint
Grilles are painted rust-resistant aluminum and the acoustic drivers are made from weather resistant materials
8" Injection-molded TCC (Talc, Carbon, and Ceramic) filled Polypropylene Cone is extremely rigid to reduce breakup and lower distortion
Advanced Weather-Resistant Tweeters
10 Watts to 200 Watts Recommended Amplifier Power
Tweeters are angled 20 degrees up from the woofer
50Hz - 21kHz Frequency Response
Dual Voice Coils deliver both left and right channels from One Speaker
Cone Forward design positions drivers close to the grille and ensures intelligible midrange
Rigid Acoustically Inert Cabinet Construction
88dB Sensitivity for 2.83V Pink Noise
Low Diffraction Microperf Aluminum Grilles
Connection Cables with Water Resistant Wire Nuts
Package of (1) One Outdoor Speaker
Includes security bracket and cable to ensure it stays where it is placed, reducing the chance of theft and unauthorized movement of the loudspeaker

Note: If you are using a single speaker stereo mode, it will need a 4-conductor cable as it needs to carry both left and right stereo channels.
Remember that if you are connecting SI model speakers in the one-speaker stereo mode, make sure you run two cables to each speaker and that the cables are clearly identified "Right" and "Left" so that the stereo imaging of the speakers is assured.

Tweeter: Dual 1" Teteron
Woofer: Dual voice coil, 8" Injection Molded TCC
Frequency Response (+/- 3): 50Hz - 21kHz
Recommended Amplifier Power: 10-200 watts
Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms, in two-speaker stereo mode
Sensitivity (for 2.83V of Pink): 88dB
Temperature Extremes: -50° to 185° F (-45° to 85° C)
Dimensions: 19-1/2" L x 16-1/2" D x 12-1/2" H
Weight: ~16.5 lbs (~7.5 kg)

Tools and Materials Needed (sold separately)
A wire stripper
1/2" PVC conduit (optional)
PVC conduit glue and cleaner (optional)
PVC cutting tool (optional)
Trench digger or shovel
Tube of silicone sealant (optional)
Cable (length and type determined by installation site – see "Choosing the Speaker Cable" in the included manual or contact us)

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