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Metra 82-8148 6"-6.75" Speaker Adapter for Lexus Scion Toyota (pair)

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SKU MET-82-8148
Accommodates 6"-6.75" speakers
Provides spacing for aftermarket speaker installation
Works with all varieties of speakers including component drivers

(2) Speaker Adapters
(8) 8-32 x 1-1/4" bolts
(8) 8-32 Lock-nuts
(16) Flat-washers

Compatible With
Lexus CT 2009-2013 (rear location)
Lexus ES 2002-2006 (front and rear locations)
Lexus GS 2006-2011 (front location)
Lexus GX 2003-2012 (rear location)
Lexus IS 2001-2012 (front location)
Lexus IS 2006-2012 (rear location)
Lexus RX 1999-2003 (front and rear locations)
Pontiac Vibe 2003-2009 (front and rear locations)
Scion TC 2005-2012 (front and rear locations)
Scion XA 2004-2007 (front and rear locations)
Scion XB 2004-2012 (front location)
Scion XB 2008-2012 (rear location)
Scion XD 2008-2011 (front and rear locations)
Toyota 4Runner 2003-2012 (rear location)
Toyota Avalon 2005-2011 (rear location)
Toyota Celica 2000-2005 (front and rear locations)
Toyota Corolla 2001-2012 (front location)
Toyota Echo 2000-2005 (front location)
Toyota Highlander 2008-2012 (rear location)
Toyota Matrix 2002-2011 (front and rear locations)
Toyota Prius 2001-2011 (front and rear locations)
Toyota RAV4 2001-2011 (front and rear locations)
Toyota Sequoia 2008-2012 (front and rear locations)
Toyota Sienna 1998-2012 (front and rear locations)
Toyota Solara 1998-2003 (front location)
Toyota Tacoma 2005-2013 (rear location)
Toyota Tundra 2000-2013 (rear location)
Toyota Tundra 2003-2006 (front location)
Toyota Venza 2009-2011 (rear location)
Toyota Yaris 2007-2012 (front location)
Toyota Yaris 2007-2012 (lift back rear location)