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Logico LT710 Multifunction Wire Cable Tracker Tone Generator/Probe Kit

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Logico LT710 Multi-function Wire Cable Tracker Tone Generator / Probe Kit

Brand: Logico
MPN: LT710
Condition: New

This LOGICO Tone Generator/ Probe Kit is designed to identify & trace wires or cables in your walls without damaging the insulation. It is ideal for locating telephone cables, alarm cables, computer cables, intercom lines and more. It is also design for network maintenance, audio/video installers, or computer and telecommunication applications.
-Designed to identify & trace wires or cables within a group without damaging the insulation.
-Works with any Tone Generator to identify wires.
-Volume control for increased sensitivity & adjustable to suit work environment.
-Recessed ON/OFF button prevents battery drain.
-Power supply is in any 9V battery
-Red & black test leads are provided & has a standard 4 conductor modular cord & plug
-A 3 position switch controls the mode of operation.
-Tone selector switch.