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Kenwood DMX4710S 6.8" Capacitive Touchscreen Apple CarPlay Android Auto Multimedia Receiver with Bluetooth

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Kenwood DMX4710S Digital Car Stereo (50W x 6-Ch), Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Compatible, Bluetooth-Enabled Head Unit with 6.8" LCD Display, Single DIN Touchscreen Car Stereo with USB Mirroring

The Kenwood DMX4710S multimedia receiver is designed to be your ultimate in-car companion, seamlessly integrating with your smartphone through Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay®. Its 6.8" touchscreen display brings all your favorite apps to your fingertips, while offering a variety of music sources, hands-free calling, and advanced sound-shaping tools. With a reduced chassis size, it fits a wider range of vehicles, enhancing your driving experience with convenience and high-quality entertainment.

  • Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™: Connect your iPhone or Android device via USB for a smarter, safer way to make calls, use maps, and enjoy music while driving. Android Auto minimizes distractions with easy-to-use voice actions and a split-screen interface.
  • USB Mirroring for Smartphone: With the “MirroringAPP+” installed, your mobile phone’s screen is seamlessly displayed on the receiver, allowing you to use apps like Waze, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • Bluetooth Music Streaming: Enjoy your favorite tunes from popular music apps and your device, all with basic audio controls.
  • Optimal Sound Performance: Fine-tune your audio with a 13-band graphic equalizer and time alignment feature, ensuring the best sound quality.
  • Rear View Camera Input: Enhance safety while reversing with an optional rear view camera. Adjustable parking guidelines make parking easier.
  • Short Chassis Design: Fits a wider range of vehicles without compromising functionality.
  • iDatalink Maestro Ready: Retain factory steering wheel controls, amplifiers, and secondary displays. Display crucial vehicle information when connected to compatible vehicles.
  • WSVGA LCD Display: The 6.8" touchscreen provides a clear and responsive interface for easy navigation.
  • Whether you’re using Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or streaming music, the Kenwood DMX4710S ensures a seamless and enjoyable driving experience