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Infinity 1022MLW Reference 10" 750W Max Marine RGB LED Subwoofer White (each)

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Infinity 1022MLW Reference 10" 750W Max Marine RGB LED Subwoofer White (each)

Infinity Reference Marine Speakers are ready to take on your next outdoor adeventure. These fully marinized speakers not only deliver Infinty sound, but they also feature RGB lighting to bring the sound to life. Engineered to withstand sun, salt, sea spray and wash downs, they feature sealed motor structure, UV resistant one-piece cast-polymer baskets, a sealed magnet and rubber surrounds. The polypropyelene cone and balanced dome tweeter provide great bass, smooth highs and lots of output to ensure every note can be heard loud and clear.

  • 10" (250mm) marine subwoofer (white)
  • Seven color multi-color RGB LED lighting, included
  • 750W Max
  • Designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments
  • Power Handling: 250W RMS, 750W peak
  • Sensitivity (@ 2.83V): 89dB
  • Frequency Response: 25Hz – 500Hz
  • Impedance: 4 ohms

Six Models to Suit All Applications and Environments
Reference 1022MLW—10" (250mm) marine audio subwoofer - white

IPx5 Rated
Marine-grade materials & components to suit the demands of a harsh outdoor environment with an IPx5 marine rating

Cosmetic Appeal
Product family look and feel to meet the needs of our Infinity customers

Outdoor Performance
Accentuated performance at frequencies heard in an open-air environment

Product Value
Great performance at an affordable price point

RGB Lighting
Multi-color RBG LED lighting engineered to withstand the harshest environment and keep the party going all night long

Marine Design
Bridge mounted (grille mounted) tweeters to avoid water intrusion past the woofer cone

Designed for the Elements
Their one-piece polymer basket is designed to stand the test of time, even after long exposure to the sun and salt. Rubber surrounds offer superior edge protection and are much more reliable than foam. And a grille-mounted tweeter allows the front of the woofer cone to be sealed, protecting the motor structure from sea spray.

Harman Standard Reliability Testing
Infinity speakers have to undergo a testing process that would destroy lesser speakers. Infinity freezes them, bakes them, shakes them, blasts them with ultraviolet light and drives them at full power for days at a time. In the case of our marine speakers, we add salt, spray and UV to ensure that they provide years of enjoyment without missing a beat.

Individually Voiced
For most brands, off-the-shelf speakers and a cursory approval of frequency response curves are good enough. That’s not the case with Infinity. We don’t only listen to our speakers against the competition — we voice them against each other to ensure each line has the consistent Infinity sound signature that’s known and sought out by those who care about their audio. This is just part of an extensive development process undertaken by some of the best transducer engineers in the world to provide the finest listening experience at any price point.