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Gold Plated Agu Fused Power Distribution Block (3)4 Gauge Input (4)8 Gauge Output


Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

Gold Plated Agu Fused Power Distribution Block 3/4 Gauge Input 4/8 Gauge Output 

Efficiently manage power distribution and ensure the protection of your amplifiers with our high-performance Power Distribution Block.

Featuring two power inputs with hex bolt studs, this distribution block allows for high-current input, ensuring optimal power delivery to your amplifiers. The gold-plated block and gold hex bolts not only provide a traditional and stylish look but also offer excellent conductivity for reliable performance.

With two AGU fuse positions, this distribution block enables individual fuse protection in the event of a short, safeguarding your amplifiers and preventing damage to your system.

The distribution block is designed with convenience in mind, offering two 4-gauge inputs and four 8-gauge outputs. This versatile configuration allows you to easily connect multiple amplifiers or devices, ensuring efficient power distribution throughout your audio system.

Built to last, the distribution block features a durable injection-molded and heat-resistant cover, providing long-lasting protection and ensuring optimal performance even in demanding conditions. The black acrylic base not only adds to the block's durability but also features pre-drilled mounting holes for easy and secure installation.

Upgrade your power distribution system with our reliable and feature-packed Power Distribution Block. Enjoy efficient power distribution, individual amplifier protection, and a durable construction that will withstand the demands of your audio system.