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Earthquake Sound Mini D3000.4 4-Channel Class D 3000W Car Amplifier

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Earthquake Sound's MiNi D amplifiers deliver unbelievable power in a compact size and stand as the most efficient Class "D" amplifiers.

The MiNi D3000.4 puts a peak power output of 3000 Watts and includes a subsonic filter, variable x-over, gain control and auto signal sensing.

Gain Level Controls
Subsonic Filters
20-500Hz Variable X-overs (LPF, Flat, HPF)
Auto Signal Sensing
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Functions and Features:

Power LED: When lit up, the amplifier is functioning properly.
RCA Input: Low level input is 0.2V to 10V RMS. Be sure to use a HIGH LOW LEVEL adapter if the head unit has only speaker output.
Xover Switch and Frequency Adjust: Used to adjust the boosted center frequency.
Line Level Control: With a range of 0.2V to 10V RMS
Subsonic Filter: Used to protect the speakers from harmful low frequencies and DC Voltage. Note that the subsonic filter only takes effect when the amplifier is in full range mode.
Signal Sensing Switch: Allows installers to turn on the amplifier without using the remote wire.
Speaker Connection: Each amplifier has bridgeable speaker outputs. Note that the minimum impedance in bridged mode is 4-Ohm.
Ground Terminal: Connect to vehicle's chassis/ground using a short 4 gauge cable (2 feet maximum in length).
Remote Terminal: Connect remote cable to the head unit's remote terminal. If multiple amplifier are installed in the same system, additional relays may be necessary.
+12V Battery Terminal: Connect to battery positive (+) using a 4 gauge cable.
Fuses: Used as an added protection from damaging excessive current. Be sure to use the proper fuse rating in your installation
Protection LED: When lit uo upon powering on, the amplifier may be in self-test mode. If this LED stays on, shut down the amplifier and locate what may have triggered the amplifier to protection mode. If problem persists, call or e-mail our technical support team for further assistance.

Amplifier Class: D
Number of Channels: 4
Max Power Output: 3000 Watts
Power Handling @ 4-Ohm: 4 x 130W RMS
Power Handling @ 2-Ohm: 4 x 180W RMS
Power Handling - Bridged: 2 x 360W RMS
THD+N: .01%
Channel Separation: 90dB
Crossover Frequencies: 20-500Hz
Subsonic Filter: 15-30Hz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >110dB
Fuse Rating: 3 x 35A (included)
Dimensions (H x W x L): 2-1/16" x 8-5/16" x 11-5/8"

MiNi D Amplifier
2 x 35A ATC Fuse
4 x Phillips Pan Head Screw
Installation Manual
Warranty Card