Earthquake Sound F3.5 3-1/2" Focus Series 2-Way Coaxial Speakers (F35) - Pair

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Earthquake Sound F3.5 3-1/2" Focus Series 2-Way Coaxial Speakers (F35)

Focus speakers are serious products, engineered by Earthquake Sound to meet the demands of the toughest musical and environmental situations in the high-fidelity world. Speakers are not about hype or the "One Of A Kind" material... it’s all about being able to thoroughly enjoy your music no matter what type it is.
By applying our extensive testing and development resources, Focus speakers have been optimized to reproduce your music with lifelike balance, effortless dynamics and smooth response in the car. Special attention has been placed on high frequency response and piston area which might makes all the difference when installed in a vehicle.
There are many other products out there, and quite a few more that are overpriced... So, don't be sold on a name or a power your homework and listen to the details, because no other piece of equipment makes a bigger difference in a sound system than the component and coaxial speakers.
Sold and priced per pair.

Low Mass Poly Injection Cone Bodies For Top Notch Accuracy & Sound Quality
High Flow Ventilation Stamped Steel Basket Design
Over Hung Butyl Rubber Surround Which Increases Pistons Size Thus Increasing Musical Output And Accuracy
NOMEX / ROMEX Spider Assemblies For A Strong, Durable And More Linear Suspension
Shallow Mount Designs For American & Foreign Cars And Trucks
Variable Mount FS6.5; 6-1/2" Component Speaker For Installation In Almost Any Vehicle
Swiveling 20mm Silk Dome Tweeters With Neodymium Magnets
Mellow Color Scheme For Easier Color Matching
2-Way Speaker

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