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Earthquake Sound EQ-7000PXI 7-Band Equalizer with Sub Level Control


Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

The Equalizers do more than just alter your music to your preference. They give you 4 or 7 bands of equalization, subwoofer crossover and level controls. There is also an extra audio input for an iPod, MP3 player, or other secondary source. You can control all this from the Equalizer with adjustable knobs. A few clicks and turns of the knobs and you can tailor all the EQ settings and level controls. Imagine the innovation involved in this one little half din unit. Extend your functionality.

Main input gain (it sets the maximum volume level achievable by the front controls)
7-band equalization
6-channel RCA outputs
Adjustable master volume level control
Adjustable subwoofer level control
3 Input sources (front/rear/subwoofer) 2 stereo RCA and 1 Phono
Gold Plated RCAs
Easy snap on connector
Bypass position notches on all 7-bands
Blue background LEDs
Push IN/OUT for main or AUX
Front mounted easy access iPod/AUX input
Authorized Dealer

Operating Voltage: 10.5---16VDC
Idle: 170 mA
Recommended Fuse Size: 1 Ampere
Input Source: 2 stereo RCA sources, 1 Phone source
Input Sensitivity: Adjustable from 100mVrms up to 14 Vrms
Input Impedance: Variable from 3.8 Kohm up to 10.2 Kohm
Output Impedance (Sub channel): 510 Ohm
Output Impedance (Front & Rear channels): 2.2 Kohm
Output Level (Subwoofer channels): 11 Vrms @ 0.1% THD
Output Level (Front & Rear channel): 7 Vrms @ 0.1% THD
THD @ 3 Volts Output: 0.003%
Frequency Response:15-34000Hz @ -3dB
Subwoofer Frequency Control Range: 60 to 160Hz (@ -3db, 18dB/oct.)
Subwoofer Upper Cut Off Frequency: 160Hz
Channel Separations: 68dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: 96dB
Center Frequencies (in Hz): 45, 120, 275, 700, 2000, 5000, 14000
Control Range: 18dB (12 O'clock ist the Bypass Position)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 1" x 7" x 4-1/4" - without face plate

EQ-7000PXI Equalizer
Power Harness
Mounting Brackets
4 x Phillips Mounting Screws
4 x Small Mounting Screws
4 x Washers
4 x Lock Washers
User Manual