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Dynamat 10415 10" x 10" Car Audio Xtreme Speaker Kit (2 Sheets)

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SKU DYN-10415

High vehicle noise levels cause driver fatigue and irritation, and will affect the way music sounds out of speakers. When the vehicle is noisy, music and conversations can sound unclear and distorted. Dynamat Xtreme is the highest efficiency sound damping material available and the most effective product for stopping noise and vibration in your automobile.

Applying Dynamat to the panels surrounding your speakers eliminates speaker panel distortion by transforming the flimsy sheet metal into a solid non-resonant baffle. Dynamat improves mid-bass performance and stops vibration rattles and squeaks. Your stereo will sound its very best with the Dynamat Xtreme Speaker Kit.

The Dynamat Xtreme Speaker Kit contains two 10" x 10" pieces of Dynamat Xtreme to be used when mounting your speaker to a metal baffle like a car door or rear deck lid. For proper installation, use one of our Dynaroller tools. The DynamatXtreme Speaker Kit is self-adhesive.


  • Dynamat Xtreme has our proprietary butyl rubber core constrained by a 4 mil aluminum layer. It minimizes high levels of noise that cause driver fatigue and irritation
  • Conforms easily to all interior surfaces and is very thin and moldable
  • Strong adhesive the extra sticky, patented butyl rubber core will adhere to a surface and stay in place
  • 100% Made in USA Simple to install for proper installation use one of our Dynaroller tools


  • Clean mounting surface (bare metal)
  • Using a razor knife or scissors cut Dynamat Xtreme to the desired size
  • Apply Dynamat Xtreme, centering the sheet over the speaker opening
  • Apply pressure, working Dynamat Xtreme into the contours of the door panel
  • Using speaker hole as a guide, cut away center portion of sheet

  • 2 sheets of Dynamat Xtreme
  • Installation Instructions