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Blaupunkt EP1800X 7-Band Car Audio Graphic Equalizer with RCA Auxiliary and High Level Inputs

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Blaupunkt EP1800X 7-Band Car Audio Graphic Equalizer with Front 3.5mm Auxiliary Input, Rear RCA Auxiliary Input and High Level Speaker Inputs

Backed by nearly 100 years of innovation and reliability, Blaupunkt delivers again with the 7-Band Equalizer (EP1800x). Both compact and sleek in design, the EP1800x equalizer provides convenience and aesthetic appeal while still managing to maintain top-of-the-line functionality. Featuring separate front and rear outs, you can boost your high and low frequencies with ease or optimize your vehicle for surround sound with a quick turn of the subwoofer and volume levels. Bolster your entertainment experience by contouring your music to suit your individual tastes with the user-friendly controls. Enjoy the plethora of possibilities afforded to you over the audio spectrum thanks to frequency adjustments spanning from 30Hz to 300Hz and across seven bands. With a max power of seven volts, the EP1800X has the strength to carry your in-car audio to new heights.

  • 7 Band Equalizer / Crossover
  • Auxiliary Input, DVD, EQ
  • Maximum Input Level: 14.4V RMS
  • Maximum Output Level: 7V RMS
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz - 100kHz, -1dB
  • S / N Ratio: -110dB
  • Sensitivity Variation: -10db to + 10dB
  • Graphic Center Frequencies: 40 Hz, 125Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz
  • Subwoofer Crossover: 30Hz to 300Hz
  • Power Supply: 11-15V DC