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Blaupunkt AMK400 4 Gauge OFC 3200W Max Power Complete Car Amplifier Wiring Kit

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Blaupunkt AMK400 4 Gauge OFC 3200 Watts Max Power Complete Car Amplifier Wiring Kit

If you are looking for a high-quality and complete car amplifier wire kit, look no further than the Blaupunkt AMK400. This kit contains everything you need to install your car amplifier and enjoy powerful sound. The kit includes 4GA oxygen-free copper power and ground cables, 16GA speaker wire, RCA interconnect cable, remote turn-on wire, ANL fuse holder, 100A fuse, and various terminals and accessories. The oxygen-free copper wires ensure maximum conductivity and minimal resistance, while the gold-plated RCA connectors provide optimal signal transfer. The Blaupunkt AMK400 is compatible with most car amplifiers and can handle up to 3200W of power. With this kit, you can easily upgrade your car audio system and experience the difference.

  • 4 GAUGE ultra-flexible solid blue power cable 17-Feet
  • 4 GAUGE ultra-flexible solid black cable 3-Feet
  • Ultra-flexible grey remote cable 17-Feet
  • 100% oxygen free Ultra-flexible transparent interconnect cable 17-Feet
  • Ultra-flexible transparent speaker cable 17-Feet