Axxess by Metra ASWC-1 OEM Steering Wheel Control Interface Harness

by Axxess
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OEM Steering Wheel Control Interface Harness

One Interface does it all - No additional interfaces needed Designed to be compatible with all major radio brands Auto detects vehicle type, radio connection, and presets controls Ability to dual assign steering wheel control buttons
Can be manually programmed for most vehicles
Memory retains settings even after battery disconnection or interface removal
All connections done at the radio location
Micro “B” USB updatable

On the top of the ASWC-1 interface there are three points of interest:
Programming LED
Reset Button
Update Port Cover (slide to open)

*Note: The Reset button is recessed. An item, such as a partially unfolded paper clip, is needed to press the button.

Changing Radio Type
Radio Legend:
Eclipse (Type 1)
Clarion (Type 1)
Sony and Dual
Pioneer and Jensen
Clarion (Type 2)
Metra OE
Eclipse (Type 2)

*Note: AX-SWC-PARROT is required (sold separately) and the radio must be updated to rev. 2.1.4 or higher. Additionally, the ASWC-1 must be updated to the most recent firmware available.

Note: If you have a Clarion radio and the ASWC-1 did not work try the other Clarion radio type, same for the Eclipse. Please contact us for vehicle compatibility.

Tools Needed
Cutting tool
Crimping tool

ASWC-1 Interface 12-pin harness with male 3.5mm connector
Female 3.5mm connector with Brown and Brown/White wires
12k-ohm resistor

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