Axxess AX-MLOC720 Universal 2-Channel 80 Watt Line Output Converter

by Axxess
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A 2 Channel Adjustable, Line Output Converter (LOC) with Built-in Amplifier Remote Generator
The LOC is designed to convert (2) channels of speaker level audio into (2) channels of line level audio that can be used by OEM amplifiers
It can also be used with OEM radios to add aftermarket amplifiers
This device will also detect the presence of an audio signal and then generate a +12V output that can be used to turn-on an aftermarket amplifier
The LOC is able to handle 80 watts per channel continuous input without over heating
The input circuitry is designed to correct the crossover distortion commonly found on standard LOCs while providing a high to low level step down of 6:1
Output audio level is infinitely adjustable using the onboard, high quality potentiometers
The remote output or amplifier trigger is rated at 500mA (+12V) and will easily handle an outboard relay if additional current is needed
The remote output will trigger instantaneously when the LOC detects a DC voltage on the white, left + audio input wire above 5V or a very low audio signal
It will shut off 60 seconds after no signal is detected
The LOC should be installed on a stereos speaker output wires or the output wires on an OEM amplifier of up to 80 watts per channel
These wires can be found behind the stereo in the dash, on the output of an OEM amplifier, or on the input terminals on the OEM speakers
Please refer to the wiring diagram for the input connection details

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