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Axxess AX-LOC6.6-PRO 6-Channel LOC With Summing Processor

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Axxess AX-LOC6.6-PRO 6-Channel LOC With Summing Processor

This 6-channel Active Summing LOC from Axxess enables installers to add aftermarket amplifiers to OEM source units for enhanced sound quality. This LOC provides seamless integration by summing OEM audio signals, delivering a full-range output that captures every detail and nuance of your favorite audio tracks. Various frequency input signals are taken from an OEM amplifier or OEM source unit and output as a full-range summed signal required for aftermarket equipment. The result is enhanced clarity, depth, and balance so that music can be enjoyed like never before. A compact remote controller is included featuring a knob for adjusting primary volume of each of the six channels, and a second knob for controlling the bass level of channels five and six. Designed for the professional installer, our OEM integration and signal processor models are simply the best solution for unlimited sound system upgrades while retaining the factory radio.

  • 6-channel: 6 in, 6 out
  • 6-channel summing processor
  • Includes multi-function remote control with knob for adjusting primary volume of channels 1-6 and another knob to control bass level for channels 5 and 6
  • Master volume, AUX volume
  • Independent channel 5 or 6 level control
  • AUX 3.5mm input
  • Differential balanced inputs
  • Low impedance outputs
  • Variable gain adjustments
  • 2,4, or 6-channel input select
  • Generated +12 volts remote output
  • Built-in load resistors
  • Panel-mount RCA jacks
  • Max input level: 20V / 40V selectable
  • Operating voltage: 10.5V-18V
  • Trigger selection: REM / DC / AUDIO
  • Turn on trigger (DC): >1.3V
  • Output max @13.8V: 9.5V RMS
  • Input impedance selection: 20 / 60 / 20k Ohm
  • Ground selection: GND / ISO / 200 Ohm
  • Gain adjustment: – 28dB to +1dB
  • Input sensitivity: 0.5V-20V
  • Signal to noise: >114dB @ 10V output
  • THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion): <0.05% @ 10V
  • Frequency response: 5Hz – 100KHz
  • Clip indicator
  • Bass boost: 0dB + 12dB (5/6)


  • Channels: 6 IN - 6 OUT SUMMING
  • Max Input Level (20kOhm): 20V/40V SELECTABLE
  • Operating Voltage: 10.5V-18V
  • Trigger Selection: REM / DC / AUDIO
  • Turn On Trigger (DC): >1.3V
  • Output Max@13.8V: 9.5V RMS
  • Input Impedance Selection (Speaker Level): 20 / 60 / 20k Ohm
  • Input Impedance (RCA Level): 180tt/>20ktt
  • Ground Selection: GND / ISO / 200Ohm
  • Gain Adjustment: - 28dB to +1dB
  • Input Sensitivity: 0.5V - 20V
  • Signal to Noise: >114dB @10V Output
  • THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion): <0.05% @ 10v
  • Frequence Response: 5Hz - 100KHz
  • Low Pass Filter: < 250Hz (Rear Channels)
  • Clip Indicator: YES
  • Bass Boost: 0dB + 12dB (5/6)
  • Remote Control: Included