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Axxess AX-BRC-PRO Active LOC with Bass Enhancement Processor

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Axxess AX-BRC-PRO Active LOC with Bass Enhancement Processor

This active LOC with a bass enhancement processor is designed to integrate seamlessly with your factory audio system, preserving the original look while adding depth and richness to your music. It can scan and restore the low-frequency information that is lost in compressed music, such as bass tones, and boost them with a built-in line driver. It also features a subsonic harmonizer that filters out unwanted noise, a high-voltage output that unleashes the full potential of your speakers, and a remote control that lets you adjust the bass level and volume with ease. Whether you have a high-end or a standard audio system, this device can help you customize and optimize your sound experience

  • Effect, width, and frequency controls to customize bass
  • Variable subsonic filter
  • Multi-function remote included
  • Adjustable total output levels
  • Adjustable dynamic bass effect
  • Use as converter or line driver
  • Differential balanced inputs for superior sound
  • Low-impedance outputs for distortion-free sound
  • Selectable 20-ohm, 60-ohm, and 20k-Ohm OEM load options
  • Easy installation with 12-volt remote output
  • Locking detachable terminals ensure secure connections
  • Easily accessible panel-mount RCA jacks
  • Compact and durable aluminum chassis
  • Detachable mounting tabs for flexible installation
  • Selectable GND, ISO, and 200-ohm ground isolation options
  • Selectable AUDIO, DC, and REM turn-on modes
  • Universal applications


AX-BRC-PRO Specifications