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AudioControl LC2i Black 2-Channel Line Output Converter with AccuBASS

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AudioControl LC2i Black Up to 400W 2-Channel Line Output Converter with AccuBASS

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AccuBASS Bass Compensation
Most factory speaker systems are not capable of loud, clean bass reproduction. This is why many car manufacturers restrict bass frequencies at higher volumes. AudioControl's AccuBASS Bass Compensation circuit correct s this with a set it and forget it remix circuit.

Two Channel Line Output Converter with Accubass
Speaker Level Input accepts up to 400 watts RMS
AccuBASS Bass Compensation
Selectable GTO turn-on
9.5 Volt Pre-out
12 Volt Trigger Out
Dual Amplifier Outputs
Level Matching Controls
Power Connector
Fixed Preamp Output
AccuBASS Threshold
Bass Output (variable with optional dash remote)
Optional Dash Remote Level Control
Designed and Manufactured in the Pacific Northwest