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Alphasonik NA2000.4 Neuron Series Class A/B 4-Channel 2000 Watts 4 Ohms Car Amplifier


Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

Alphasonik NA2000.4 Neuron Series Class A/B 4-Channel 2000 Watts 4 Ohms Car Amplifier 

The NEURON Series of Amplifiers from Alphasonik will leave you astonished when you experience the power deliverance of these amplifiers and leave you in a conundrum on how it's even possible to achieve the power vs the almighty dollar. Not only did we accomplish the power that is needed and desired, but we didn't leave out any of the bells & whistles either. Things like 4-way protection circuitry and RCA throughputs to add more amplifiers.


High-Level Inputs
High-Level Inputs are an added bonus of having the capability of using the source units speaker outputs. Having High Level Inputs is needed if your source unit doesn’t have Low-Level Outputs. Tap into the rear decks speakers and you’re all set! Eliminating the need for a Hi to Low Converter.

Low-Level Passthrough
The NA2000.4 is equipped with RCA PASSTHROUGH. This feature is extremely helpful for multiple reasons. If you desire to add a second amplifier later on the future and don’t have enough RCA Outputs from your source unit. You can use the RCA PASSTHROUGH to get the signals needed to add on.

Nickel Plated Terminal Block
Nickel-plated terminal blocks have been used on the NEURON series amplifiers. Since most cable is stranded, it is necessary to use terminal blocks to hold the strands together in fastening the connections. This type of terminal block maximizes the connection to deliver the voltage and current draw needed.

Extruded Heat Sink
Keeping the amplifier cool increases the efficiency to an amplifier. To keep an amplifier cool is a combination of several things, but the most important two are power output and heatsink size. A heatsink size is not the only way to cool down an amplifier. Having increased the area of the heatsink increases the cooling dramatically. So, we extruded the heatsink so we can get the most advantageous area to aid the cooling efficiency.


  • RMS 4 Ohms: 250 Watts x 4
  • RMS 2 Ohms: 500 Watts x 4
  • RMS 4 Ohms Bridged: 1000 Watts x 2
  • Terminals: Nickel Plated
  • Input Signals: Low Level & High Level Inputs
  • Output Signals: Yes
  • Remote Bass Knob: No
  • Amplifier Protection: Thermal, Short Circuit, Overload and DC Offset
  • Low Pass Crossover: 50 Hz - 250Hz
  • High Pass Crossover: 60 Hz - 1.2kHz
  • Variable Input Sensitivity: 200mV - 6V
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz - 30kHz
  • Bass Boost: 0 - 12dB
  • S/N Ratio: >90dB (+/-3dB)
  • Fuse Rating: ATC 35A x 2