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4 Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit with Complete Amp Wiring Cables, 2000W Max Power


Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

4 Gauge Deluxe Amplifier Installation Kit w/ Complete Amp Wiring Cables - 2000 Watts Peak

The Wires Zone Connected Amp Install Kit makes amplifier installation simple. It has all the wire and accessories you need, including 4-gauge copper-clad aluminum power wires, twisted pair RCA cables, and a 16-gauge speaker wire. It also includes a premium heat-tested in-line AGU fuse holder, which protects the power wire from damage. All of these components conform to international standards. Together they can handle up to 2000 watts of maximum power from your amplifier.


  • Complete 4 Gauge CCA Amplifier Install Kit
  • Heated Tested In-Line AGU Fuse Holder/ 80 Amp AGU Fuse
  • Rated for Systems Up To 2000 Watts Peak
  • Includes RCA and Speaker Cables Includes Terminals, Wire Ties and Wire Loom

  • 17ft 4 Gauge Red Power Cable
  • 3ft 4 Gauge Black Power Cable
  • 17ft 18 Gauge Blue Turn-on Wire
  • 25ft 16 Gauge OFC Speaker Wire
  • 17ft Deluxe RCA Interconnect
  • Deluxe High Quality Fuse Holder
  • Gold Plated AGU Fuse (60A)
  • 3 Grommets
  • 5/16" Gold Plated Ring Terminal
  • 1/4" Gold Plated Ring Terminal
  • #10 Gold Plated Ring Terminal
  • Gold Plated Speaker Terminals(4Pcs)
  • 4" Wire Ties (20Pcs)