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What are Backup Cameras

What are Backup Cameras

Reverse Rear Cameras, Forward facing Cameras with built in DVR.

backup camera may decrease your chances of an unfortunate rear collision. Backup cameras have been shown to be very effective at preventing minor incidents, and they're especially important for families with small children, as they can help to avoid tragic driveway accidents.

Parking can be challenging for some of us, which is why manufacturers came up with the rear camera system. The chances of you having an incident will be significantly reduced by viewing what you are unable to see, especially at night. Most new cameras will have IR. Infrared LED’s to allow the driver to see what’s behind them at night. They will also have some type of distance marker on the screen from green to red. There are a variety of options in deciding which camera you want or need. Let look at some of those options.

  1. Cameras that can be mounted on top of the vehicle (Cargo van) and facing downward to get the best view of the rear.
  2. OEM style cameras that blend in with the vehicle exterior, such as trunk lid release, or tailgate handle.
  3. License plate frame cameras, integrated in the frame itself. These can be either top bar or full frame type.
  4. There are the camera types that have built in rear sensors for an audible alert for distance confirmation.
  5. There are also side mount cameras for larger vehicles such as RV’s, Mass transit buses, School buses, and large municipal vehicles.
Now we can address the ways to view what is behind you. Let’s start with a single mountable monitor, most are offered in color but there are some that are Black and White displays. Sometimes manufactures will put together a package which will include the camera and monitor. The other is to integrate into the OEM display on the infotainment display. This can be accomplished by purchasing a specific video signal interface to trigger the monitor to display the rear view camera. If you already have an aftermarket double din head unit with video capabilities, then you may just use one of the video inputs on the back of the head unit. This will be triggered by the activation of the vehicle being in reverse, and triggering the camera to power on. The other popular way to view is to replace the rear view mirror with an OEM type mirror that has a built in 4.3” color screen.

This way you will still be using the mirror along with the monitor for extra safety.

Most cameras will need to be hard wired and a cable wired throughout the vehicle to the display. You now have the option of installing a wireless video transmitter, this will reduce the time and disassembly of the vehicles interior. Also great for trucks and large long vehicles.

Now let’s look at the forward facing cameras with built in DVR. Some come equipped with a secondary camera for interior recording. These are great for Taxi drivers and company vehicles